Fluffy Run: Cute offline game reaches Android

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cover a car with blue fur? Well, I hope not, especially since Fluffy Run does it for you. The new racing game exclusively for Android devices promises a minimalistic and relaxing journey.

Developed by Infinity Games, Fluffy Run is an arcade racing game where players must get as far as possible on an unfamiliar track. For that, you must make Fluff Furff Fur (yes, that’s the name of the car) and collect as many musical notes as possible which are the same as the car’s fuel.


More about Infinity Games and Fluffly Run

Infinity Games is focused on games with a slightly more minimalist style, which is very common when we talk about indie mobile games. Fluffy Run is no different, as there is a certain simplicity of controls and graphics in the game.

Another factor that the developers highlighted in the racing game is its music and sound effects. Both the coins, which are used to customize the car with new colors, and power, among others (although apparently, this function is not yet available in the game), as well as the notes, emit sounds that match the background music that chases us during the trip, according to the developer.

Like the whole game, Fluffy Run has its obstacles so don’t be surprised if you come across traffic cones and concrete barriers. When we collide with these objects, the Fluff Furff Fur loses fuel, with the risk that it will stop and the game will simply end there. So remember to pick up the music notes.

Infinity Games has already brought several other titles to mobile devices, including puzzles such as Swipe, Power On, and Maze: Path of Light, among many other games with the premise of “minimalism” presented in Fluffy Run.

As the game was released today, September 28th, we don’t have much feedback from players, especially on the game’s Google Play Brazil page, where it reports that only 5+ players have downloaded Fluffy Run.

It is also important to note that the game is not in its “version 1.0”, currently being at version 0.49, that is, it may not yet represent the final version, although Infinity Games has not yet confirmed this information.

Available only for Android

If you are interested in Fluffy Run, aka a cute running game, you can download it for free from Google Play if you have an Android. According to the game page, all you need is a device running Android 6.0 or higher to play Fluffy Run. Of course, that alone is not enough to run the title smoothly, but the developer has only made this requirement information available.

The title is not available on iOS, but most games developed by Infinity Games are available on both the App Store and Google Play, so we may see Fluffy Run on Apple’s mobile devices in the future.


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