The Witch’s House MV will reach PS4 in October

Developer Fummy and publisher DANGEN Entertainment have announced the release date for the horror RPG The Witch’s House MV. The title arrives October 13 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as a remaster of the original 2012 edition for macOS, Android, and PC.

The Witch's House MV

In the game, players assume the role of Viola, mysteriously sent to a macabre mansion to unravel a past of horrors. Haunted by ghosts, the young woman must escape an ever-changing location as she seeks to understand her role in that situation.

On PS4, The Witch’s House MV comes with improved graphics, an additional difficulty mode with more unique events and savepoint improvements. The devs recommend the use of headsets, as the game is based on an unpredictable atmosphere with many jumpscares and other elements of the genre. Check out the trailer below:

Meet The Witch’s House MV

Created from the RPG Maker tool, The game is an horror experience aimed at adults, due to the scares and graphic violence appeal. The project has pixelated visuals and a sudden death mechanic, where players can fail at any time.

It’s a very interesting horror game. It shows how it’s possible to create alternative games using the RPG Maker Tool.


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