Dungeon Merchant is an RPG that lets you run your own business

Business is about risk, something not everyone can afford in real life. However, everything is possible in video games including running your own business. Dungeon Merchant is a new game that lets you run your own shop. You will be buying items for lower prices selling them for higher, managing stock, and more. But that’s not the complete picture; at the core, it is a role-playing game. Hence, there is a magical theme and backstory.

Are you looking for an RPG game that also lets you run a shop?

Dungeon Merchant is an RPG that lets you run your own business

Dungeon Merchant has a backstory where a wizard destroyed the world due to a spell. For some reason, you now owe some money to the king. Hence, to clear yourself from debt, running your shop is the only option. The game sees you buying weapons, potions, and armor for your shop. Obviously, you also need some help to escalate your business. Hence, you will be hiring adventurers to collect treasures for crafting your items.

With multiple heroes, you will be exploring dungeons to find loot and precious gold. You can then sell the goodies and pay the king. Another highlight of the game is the pixel-art style graphics. You can also check out the trailer of the game to get more ideas about the game.

Dungeon Merchant is for those who like RPG titles but also enjoy doing business. I think this simulation and RPG blend will be liked by many. If you are someone like that, then you can pre-register for the game on Google Playstore. It will be a premium game and will be released on October 31st. There is no news for the Apple iOS version yet, rest assured we will keep you updated whenever there is more information.

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