Apex Legends Mobile: Revenant spotted in game files

Apex Legends Mobile is actively releasing new content in the game. Just a few months after its arrival, the game is already in Season 3. Many legends have been released so far, including new and old ones. Now, as we are moving towards the Season 3.5 update, a new legend is expected to arrive. Similar to past mid-season updates, we are anticipating another legend to appear. But which one will it be? Well, according to data miners, Revenant is spotted in game files. Hence, we are hopeful to see Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile soon.

Revenant is the perfect legend for celebrating Halloween

Legends play a vital role in this battle royale game. More the options, the spicier the gameplay will be. It also gives players a wide range of legends, so they can choose the one that fits their style.

Season 3 of Apex Legends Mobile brought Ash, and next, we were anticipating Wattson to make an appearance. However, leaks have suggested Revenant will be the next legend in Apex Legends Mobile. This is not a new exclusive legend, but rather an old and iconic legend from the original game.

Apex Legends Mobile: Revenant spotted in game files

It also makes Revenant make an appearance at this time of the year because this legend has surely spooky looks matching the Halloween theme. According to Apex Mobile Leaks, Season 3.5 will also bring new emotes, finishers as well as lobby animations.

For those unaware, Revenant is an offensive legend. He is a master when it comes to controlling the agent. Revenant is a useful legend in the battleground, and not to forget his scary appearance. Having said that, this is only a leak, for now, hence take it with a grain of salt. We will keep you informed whenever there is an official update.

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