Forspoken shows “magical parkour” in a new trailer

Forspoken is an open-world RPG game in which we’ll have to use different skills to explore the entire map. Set in the fantastic universe of Athia, a place taken by corruption that ended up causing drastic changes in the terrain, the parkour skills of the protagonist Frey Holland will be of extreme importance.

This “magical parkour” has been detailed in a new trailer released by Square Enix. The skills needed to overcome challenges along the way were shown in action in the video. Watch below:

Parkour skills in Forspoken – how this will work in Forspoken:

Flow — The basis of all parkour, this ability is triggered by pressing the circle (O) button. With this skill, Frey automatically jumps over rocks and small walls, advancing in the direction indicated by the player;

Rush — A Flow boost that is triggered by pressing the “O” button at the right time. Once you’ve mastered the basic power, this one will be very useful to recover stamina and explore everything faster;

Shimmy — This ability of Frey’s does not consume your stamina and is triggered by pressing “X” at the right time. In addition to conserving the heroine’s stamina, she performs small jumps and reaches incredible speeds;

Scale — Forspoken has very vertical combat, and when using Scale, Frey will have an extra jump after launching himself into the air. This skill is important for climbing higher structures and places;

Soar — to reach even higher points with “extravagant parkour”, Frey does a sort of climb with small quick jumps in succession;

Zip — Frey triggers a magic rope by pressing “□” and clings to various edges present in the scenario. The skill sticks to any wall and object and is a useful tool even during combat;

Float — to land safely after using all the skills mentioned above, the Float spell will cause Frey to float seconds before hitting the ground. It can also be used to cross long spans. Along with Zip, it helps a lot in exploration;

Forspoken’s abilities need the stamina to be executed. Therefore, Square Enix makes it clear that it’s good to master Flow to be able to break Athia in the best way.



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