Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Nintendo Switch struggles to run the new games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games have finally been released. The long-awaited Scarlet and Violet titles bring the 9th Generation to the Pokemon universe. But what more important is the leap that the franchise has taken. This is the first Pokemon game to feature a fully open-world experience. There are no set rules to follow; you can start your journey in any direction on the map you want. You may choose the Gym you want to take first, and so on. However, the five-year-old console is not doing complete justice to the breathtaking Pokemon experience. Maybe the hardware is too old for the new-generation game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet face performance issues

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Nintendo Switch struggles to run the new games

The early reviews of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games highlight the frame rate issues. The game is not as smooth, especially in busy areas. However, the frame rate issue is not the only one. The wild Pokemon may not be visible until you are just feet away from them, which can get a bit annoying. The stop-motion animation of NPCs also looks terrible.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Nintendo Switch struggles to run the new games

Things are not looking good especially the reviews even after the day one patch indicates the performance issues still exist. Due to the performance issue, the Metacritic scores are not high either. The score is currently at 78. It’s the lowest for a Pokémon game in almost two decades.

No doubt that Nintendo Switch has been out for years now; and probably we need an upgrade. But it is also possible that Game Freak did not take enough time to fully optimize the game. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was just released some time back, and the next titles were instantly announced. Hopefully, Game Freak takes notice of the performance issues and further optimize the game.

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