Apex Legends Mobile brings Revenant with the Underworld update

Apex Legends Mobile is constantly bringing new stuff to the game so that the players can stay engaged. The newest update is named Underworld, and it will go live on November 29th. Not only the new update will bring a fresh battle pass but also new events, map changes, and ranked system updates. One of the highlighting features of the update is a new legend. Earlier, Revenant was spotted in the game files and now it has been made official that the legend is coming to the mobile port.

Revenant highlights and abilities

Apex Legends Mobile brings Revenant with the Underworld update

Players of the original Apex Legends Mobile will surely be familiar with Revenant. He is one of the most terrifying legends in the game. He has an interesting storyline and strong moves.

Each legend has its own unique style; some may be defensive, while some offensive. Our protagonist is an offensive legend which matches his terrifying look. Below you will find his abilities:

Passive: Stalker

With this ability, the legend can crouch-walk faster and climb higher than his enemies.

Tactical Ability: Silence

As the name suggests, it is a great ability to silence enemies. It uses a device that not only deals damage but also disables the abilities of the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Lastly, Death Totem is kind of a revival ability. When you receive a certain amount of damage, the player will teleport back to the totem ultimately getting saved from being killed.

Apex Legends Mobile brings Revenant with the Underworld update

Apart from Revenant, the new battlepass is also coming with new events and changes to the ranked system. Hopefully, the developer will keep on bringing fresh updates so that the players can enjoy a better game. That being said, make sure to stick around for more mobile and console gaming updates.

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