The Callisto Protocol: The “Below” has been detailed

A few days before the release of The Callisto Protocol, more details about the title were revealed. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Striking Distance Studios commented on Below, an area implemented as the abyssal zone of Black Iron Prison filled with terrors and secrets.

According to the devs, the region in the depths of the prison is a “series of abandoned tunnels” that housed Arcas, the first human colony on Jupiter’s moon. Therefore, the area combines real-world materials and shapes with the game’s sci-fi concept, which gives the feeling of familiarity and answers about the past.

The Callisto Protocol

Below is a great opportunity to explore, find secret areas, get spooked, and get a chance to use the space for interesting environmental storytelling. If you dare to explore the dark corners of Below, there are plenty of secrets to discover and maybe even a glimpse into the colony’s terrible past.

The Callisto Protocol

The new zone of The Callisto Protocol hosts a “dark, humid and disconcerting” atmosphere. There, new dangers promise to challenge the sanity of protagonist Jacob Lee. The story of Arcas will also be linked to the fate of Captain Leon Ferris. He is the jailer of the prison. He is responsible for reliving traumas and guilt after becoming the target of the Biophage threat.

The Callisto Protocol will be released on December 2 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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