The Settlers, “Age of Empires rival”, will reach consoles in 2023

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Settlers, a popular real-time strategy franchise for PC, will debut on consoles in 2023. The new title in the series, New Allies, will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with new gameplay, including brand-new campaigns and additional saving features.

The information was shared on the company’s official website and in a developer video, which shows that the game will have 12 maps, crossplay across all platforms and cross-progression to load the save via the cloud. Check out:

In addition, The Settlers: New Allies features three difficulty modes, single-player campaign, hardcore with AI mods and scenarios, and Skirmish — Solo vs. AI, Co-op vs. AI, or PvP for up to eight participants.

Learn more about The Settlers: New Allies

Building on a nearly 30-year PC legacy, The Settlers: New Allies combines a building experience with real-time battles. In the campaign, players must choose one of three unique factions — Elari, Maru, and Jorn — to explore a living, interactivity-based universe where each tribe has a unique appearance, playstyle, and backstory.

We are curious to see how the game will perform on consoles. Saving the right proportions, the game is not on par with the investment made in Age of Empires. Still, it’s a nice offering, especially for those on PlayStation platforms that can’t enjoy Microsoft’s strategic game.


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