God of War Ragnarok: New Game+ will arrive in Spring 2023

God of War Ragnarok arrived on November 9th, and many people already finished the game, earned all trophies, and discovered every secret of the Nine Realms. Despite this, there are still many players than what more, or perhaps, just want to experience the adventure again with all the stats and goodies they’ve earned. What is missing to make the game alive again? A New Game+ Mode. This mode became popular in the game industry, especially on RPG games, and had its importance in God of War (2018). According to Santa Monica, the new mode will arrive in Spring 2023.

God of War Ragnarok

The company disclosed the news through the Twitter handle this Thursday Afternoon (22). According to the developer, more details will be shared as we get closer to the launch of the feature. The studio is aware of the requests for a New Game+ mode and is working on it.

To those unaware, the New Game+ in 2018’s title allowed players to restart the game with all abilities, items, and acquired weapons. Moreover, there were some special items. These include a Zeus Armor Set and Ares Armor Set. Both were exclusive to those who cleared the game, unlocking the the New Game+ mode. We are curious to see what the New Game+ mode will bring to God of War Ragnarok. Any Special Weapon or Special Armor? Time will tell.


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