Gran Turismo celebrates 25th anniversary with 90 million sales

Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital, confirmed that the Gran Turismo series has surpassed the 90 million copies sold mark. In a post on the PS Blog, the executive celebrated the 25th anniversary of the franchise by sharing a message about the historic achievement and the creative process.

Yamauchi came to act as a film producer at the age of 14 and joined Sony thinking of continuing his specialty. However, that all changed when he was assigned to the PlayStation department, where he worked alongside Ken Kutaragi, the console’s original creator, to bring the concept to life.

Gran Turismo

According to the CEO, Gran Turismo was born as one of the first original titles of the brand, taking on a proposal in the style of Motor Toon Grand Prix, in 1994. From that moment on, a team of two artists and three engineers evolved into more than 200 members, resulting in the founding of Polyphony Digital.

From 1997 until November of this year, the franchise has already reached more than 90 million copies sold. Behind this historic milestone are “media people who conveyed the fascination of Gran Turismo to their readers”, PlayStation members who “passionately sold GT to us around the world” and the “incredible support from retailers who interacted with our users”.

New cars arrive in Gran Turismo 7

The most recent update of Gran Turismo 7 brought more new content to the title. For free, fans can enjoy the full potential of new models from the Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Corvette, Ferrari, and Toyota Celica brands, as well as unprecedented Scapes on the Norwegian circuit.


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