GTA Vice City and other games leave PS Plus Catalog soon

The “Last chance to play” tab in PS Plus Extra and Deluxe appears to have undergone major changes at the request of the community. Now, a longer interval before titles are removed from the catalog has been presented, and in addition to GTA Vice City – The Definitive Edition, seven other games will leave the service in February 2023.

Apparently, PlayStation has listened to subscriber feedback and this service menu will be populated in advance. The games that will come out in the second month of the new year are as follows:

  • Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders — out February 21
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 — out February 21
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition – out on February 21
  • Rad Rodgers — out February 21
  • Sine Mora EX — will be released on February 21
  • SkyDrift Infinity — out February 21
  • Sparkle Unleashed — out February 21
  • The Turing Test — out February 21
  • Pure Farming 2018

GTA Vice City

It’s sad to see GTA Vice City leaving the catalog after just a few months. The good part is that players now can focus on the game before its demise in the catalog.

In January, in addition to JumpJet Rex, eleven other games will come out of PS Plus Extra and Deluxe. Considering that Sony has been shipping dozens of games monthly, the monthly rotation promised at the launch has been happening as planned. So far, the only thing that needs improvement is the catalog of classic games. There are just a few games, and the pace of additions is slow. We expect an improvement in the future.

For subscribers in the regular tie, Sony will offer Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and other games in January 2023.


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