Resident Evil: Code Veronica Fanmade Remake has been canceled

Capcom decided to end development on a fan-made remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, shortly after a year into the project. About to hit the PC, the title was canceled last weekend and has already had its networks and websites disabled by the creators.

While there aren’t many clarifications, the remake’s devs say that this shouldn’t be seen as hinting at an original Capcom game. According to them, their game was closed for “pure evil”, it was motivated by the unrestricted use of the original characters and the trademark of the franchise.

Resident Evil

“Capcom has unfortunately contacted us and canceled our projects,” reads a brief statement shared via Discord. “We are very sorry to report that they canceled out of pure malice, as there are no signs that an official Code Veronica is coming from them.”

In addition to Resident Evil: Code Veronica, a remake of the first numbered game in the series, created by the same developers, is also canceled. Social networks are being used to provide the latest information, while the official website has already decreed an early end.

So far there is no clarification of the case by the publisher. For those who were looking forward to the project, the way is to wait for more information.

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Earlier this year, the project’s devs shared nearly five minutes of gameplay from the Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake. In the images, you can see how the PS2 graphics were converted to next-generation visuals. It shows similar aspects to the most recent games in the franchise.


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