Krafton vs Banger Games: Legal dispute over PUBG name

Krafton, the publisher of PUBG is known for its collaborations with different IPs. There are non-stop collaborations in the game; we can even say that this game is the trendsetter of crossovers. Well, sometimes things get out of hand. Banger Games, an NFT platform recently published a poster where it seemed like an ongoing collaboration with PUBG. However, Krafton claims that there were not aware of any collaboration, and PUBG has no links with Banger Games.

Krafton vs Banger Games: Legal dispute over PUBG name

For those unaware, Banger Games works as a platform to integrate NFTs into different games. Last year, we have seen a boom in the NFT space; many developers opted to integrate blockchain art into their creations. The fans got pretty excited when they first heard about the collaboration between Banger Games and PUBG. Little did they know, even the developer was unaware of this collaboration.

Why this collaboration is so important?

Krafton vs Banger Games: Legal dispute over PUBG name

For a company that has collaborated with a ton of IPs, it shouldn’t be hard to have one more partnership. However, this collaboration with Banger Games was quite influential.

It is known that the NFT market has been experiencing a downturn, and the trend of developers integrating NFTs into their projects seems to be fading. The news of a partnership between PUBG and an NFT platform sparked a movement in the market. Various crypto and gaming news-sharing sites issued various articles.

Due to the high popularity of PUBG, this kind of fake collaboration can be quite damaging to the developer. Hence, they work hard to maintain the credibility of the game. In the poster published by Banger Games, there is the official logo of PUBG Battlegrounds. Hence, Krafton has taken this case seriously and is even considering legal action against Banger Games.

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