Andrew Tate’s Fortnite skin created by a concept artist

Epic Games is famous for bringing big names to Fortnite. We have seen celebrities including Bruno Mars, Ninja, LeBron James, Harry Kane, Ali-A, Travis Scott, and many others being added to the battle royale game as skins. Some players have been wondering if they will ever see the “most Googled man on the planet” in the battle zone. For those wondering, I am talking about Andrew Tate; a controversial figure that has huge popularity among the young. Now, a concept artist has imagined what it would be like if there was an Andrew Tate Fortnite skin.

There is also a Bugatti skin

The concept art shows Andrew Tate with his famous pose and cigar as a skin in Fortnite. Moreover, the concept art includes a Bugatti skin. Now, to remind you, this is all concept art. However, just imagine if Fortnite really introduced Andrew Tate to the game. The inclusion of the Bugatti skin, especially, would have been a great hit. It would be a great sale for the developer; players would show off their virtual Bugatti, and tease the other players with the dialogue “what color is your Bugatti?”

Andrew Tate's Fortnite skin imagined by a concept artist

Fortnite leaves no opportunity behind to bring new collaborations into the game. This is a great move by the developer that not only keeps the game fresh but also engages the players. For those wondering, if there will be Andrew Tate’s skin on Fortnite; well Epic Games will not take the risk considering his controversial status. However, the artist behind this concept art made the skin so carefully that at first look, it almost seemed it was official. Nevertheless, we will keep on seeing more content from Fortnite so stay tuned for the latest news.

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