Age of Wonders 4 will reach consoles in May

The Age of Wonders is back! Nine years after the classic Age of Wonders 3, and four after Planetfall’s spinoff, Age of Wonders 4 was announced for consoles and PC. The new game will reach these platforms on May 2, allowing players to relive the tactical adventure.

To those unaware, Age of Wonders is one of the main competitors for Age of Empires. The franchise stands since 1999 and has a big difference from its competitor – it features fantasy elements. The new game promises to follow this tradition, and we can see this through the trailer below:

Paradox and Triumph have sent a message to the media. They promise “surprising levels of storytelling” and many possibilities for the player to combine diverse elements in the gameplay. Right now, the game is up for pre-orders on Steam. We believe that it will reach other platforms’ stores pretty soon.

Age of Wonders 4

In the game, you’ll rule a fantasy kingdom. You’ll explore magical realms that mix the usual strategy with exploration, expansion, extraction, and extermination. As usual, we’ll have the usual tactical turn-based combat of the game. You’ll control a faction that grows and changes according to your conquering.

The game will reach the platforms in May, and we are curious to see if it will threaten Microsoft’s Age of Empire series.



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