Bit Builder is a retro-style arcade puzzle game, now available on Android

If you want a game that is out of the box, you can check out indie games. The indie developers are not bound by any pressure, and hence they tend to bring out some of the most interesting games. Today, we are talking about Bit Builder, a creation of the indie developer studio HoboGames. The game takes things a step back with a retro-style theme. If you’re someone who is looking for an old-school 8-bit aesthetic title that will bring nostalgia, then this is the title you may not want to miss.

At the core, it is a building game. You will explore an auto-generated world where you can use your imagination and building skills to create different things. Obviously, just like any building game, you will be first collecting resources. You will need to figure out the right resources required to build different objects.

But what makes it unique compared to the likes of Minecraft? Well, apart from the 8-bit graphics, Bit Builder also spices things up with 3 0different levels and a text-based plot. Moreover, there are 10 characters that you can unlock as you progress in the game. To keep you engaged, the game also features 2 endless modes that will make sure you stick to the game for longer.

Are you ready to explore an 8-bit universe?

Bit Builder is a a retro-style arcade puzzle game, now available on Android

Bit Builder also has a unique look with its retro-themed 8-bit graphics. Things get even better with matching background music, which increases the charm of this retro title. Those interested can download Bit Builder on the Google Play Store for Android devices. We are expecting more content in the game soon. That being said, make sure to stick around for more mobile and console gaming news.

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