Final Fantasy XI Remake to be announced soon

Rumors about a possible Final Fantasy XI remake gained momentum after Square Enix announced changes to Final Fantasy XIV’s economy. According to the publisher, the game’s payment process will get an update at the end of February. It will address a new strategy for the MMO’s monthly fee.

That measure would be part of the Final Fantasy XI/Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Unity project, supposedly slated to be unveiled during the franchise’s 35th-anniversary event on February 7. In this way, fans believe that the announcement of a remake would take place at the celebration to attract audiences to online services. Square Enix has confirmed that starting next month, anyone who starts a subscription or renews an existing one will be switched to the new method. All major payment methods will remain in effect and can be used both at Mog Station and in the online store.

Final Fantasy XI Remake

So far, nothing has been said about a possible remake of Final Fantasy XI. In this way, all information must be treated as rumors.

Square Enix devs talk about the future of Final Fantasy XI

In May 2022, Square Enix devs shared news about the future of FFXI. The article was carried out in partnership with the PS Blog to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary. It brought encouraging information to fans, with the team suggesting that the online game still has more “to offer”.

What do you think of a remake of the 2002 title? Would it be a good idea to reunite the concept with FF XIV? Comment! The new game may reach consoles, but we can’t discard a version for mobile.


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