Hitman 3 has been replaced by world of assassination

IO Interactive launched this Thursday (26), the rebranding update for Hitman 3. It officially replaces the game with World of Assassination. The patch brings a new Freelancer mode to fans, as well as a series of adjustments to the UI. Moreover, they are some quality-of-life improvements for all maps.

The Freelancer mode is a new experience with roguelike elements. It will require planning and strategy. The mode brings a huge level of replayability as well as realistic systems based on target elimination, with briefing analysis and preparation.

The game’s icon was replaced by “WOA” and there is an all-new UI that is way more intuitive. It serves to house all the game modes. The hub highlights the main campaign and Freelancer and there is a new tab with live events with contracts and recent content.

Hitman World of Assassination

More news about the Hitman: World of Assassination

In Hitman: World of Assassination, there are new gameplay mechanics, new mission systems, IA behavior, and new difficulty levels. Moreover, the Paris map’s audio has been overhauled to 3D. The playable areas also had bugs and collision failures fixed.

The update is free and mandatory to all players and will extinguish Hitman 3 from the catalog and online stores. Those who own the game will be able to upgrade without any extra cost and will have access to all other games from the action / stealth series.


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