Oddballers, a dodgeball game, is now available

Ubisoft has just released OddBallers, a dodgeball party game, for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (via Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store). On PS5 and Xbox Series, the game runs via backward compatibility.

In multiplayer games, players must use crazy weapons to stand out. The title has more than 30 arenas located in different scenarios, such as rustic farms, seaside cities, and paradise islands. In the game, players need to use everything within their reach to launch projectiles at their enemies.


With simple rules, players need to reach a certain number of points to win each game. A session can last between ten and twenty minutes, depending on conditions defined by the players themselves. See the launch trailer:

Another point detailed by Ubisoft is character customization on Oddballers: expect “hundreds” of options to modify them “from head to toe”. In all, it is possible to have up to four players in each PlayStation session — local or online. Finally, crossplay between all platforms is guaranteed.

That’s an interesting game for casual lovers. If you’re planning to have a break from stressful matches at FIFA or long and harmful campaigns at Elden Ring, then it may be a good game. It is also a fun title to play with friends. However, we believe that this game will eventually reach services like GamePass or PS Plus. So it may be a good idea to wait before spending on it.


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