Wild Hearts: New trailer show battles with Tempest

EA and Koei Tecmo revealed, this Thursday (26), a new and frantic Wild Hearts gameplay. This time, the focus of the content was a very fierce fight against the Golden Tempest, one of the beasts of the adventure.

The creature resembles a golden tiger with bone armor and tentacles across its body. His blows are very diverse and range from powerful lunges to somersaults through the scenery. At times, the gameplay also seems to be very fun and fluid. Check out:

Wild Hearts is an “answer” to Capcom’s Monster Hunter. The title has a very familiar combat structure and also mixes fantasy elements with hunting gigantic beasts.

In this universe created by Koei Tecmo, players will face the Kemonos, mythical creatures that personify the powers of nature. As a hunter, you will have to defeat these colossi in breathtaking battles.

Wild Hearts launches for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 17th.

Wild Hearts had new monsters introduced at TGA 2022

The Golden Tempest is a Wild Hearts stamped sticker. Despite the new gameplay, the monster had already been revealed alongside two other creatures at TGA 2022: the DeathStalker, an ice wolf, and a gigantic fire phoenix called Amaterasu. The game resembles a lot Capcom’s Monster Hunter. However, is there anything bad with copying a good formula? Let’s what EA will achieve with its own Monster Hunter.


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