Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Elden Ring Mod looks amazing

I am a big fan of Pokemon games, and I completed the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet less than half a week after the official launch. There is no doubt Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are great titles; bringing something fresh into the Pokemon universe while keeping the core elements. However, one place I was truly devasted is the graphics and art style. The game had so many glitches, and it didn’t look good for a 2022 game. Now the developer is trying to improve the game with patches, however, the real effort is being made by modders. Just check this Pokemon Scarlet & Violet x Elden Ring mod.

This is how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet should have looked like

The modder merged the Pokemon and Elden Ring universes; by turning Pokémon into Elden Ring summons in The Lands BetweenFor those unaware, Summons are companions in the Elden Ring games, like Pokemon. With this mod, the Pocket Monsters are turned into Summons, and it looks just amazing.

The atmospheric lighting plays a major role in making the creatures look so much better than in the original version. From the Pokemon Centers to the trainers, everything looks a lot more intimidating. Pokemon looks much bigger than usual, and even the cutest monsters may look horrifying in the mod. Though, the mod still does a lot more justice to the Paldea region than the original version.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet x Elden Ring

Last year was great for Pokemon fans, they got two titles; Arceus and Scarlet/Violet. Moreover, these two games adopt an open-world environment which is a first in the franchise. However, Scarlet and Violet’s art style and graphics are not much liked by the fans. Especially by older fans like me; we wanted something more like the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet x Elden Ring mod.

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