Like a Dragon: Ishin is the “perfect start” for Yakuza series

With less than a month left before the release of Like a Dragon: Ishin, the first previews are starting to appear on the internet and bring details of its concept. Portals classify the action game as an entry for fans of the franchise and highlight its original aspects, such as the return of combat postures.

Set in the Edo period of Japanese history, the game is inspired by the Yakuza series and shows Sakamoto Ryōma — an alter-ego of Kazuma Kiryu — in a new investigation. Now, political turmoil and the murder of his sensei are the grounds for an in-depth samurai plot to unfold.

Determined to find the criminal, Ryōma allies with the shogunate’s forces to uncover a supposed enemy infiltration of the Shinsengumi. Thus, he must face traitors and adversaries from rival clans while walking a path based on honor and the premises of his late master.

Like a Dragon: Ishin

According to previews, Like a Dragon: Ishin maintains the humor and absurd scenes characteristic of the franchise. However, regarding the story, players will experience a more mature and aggressive narrative, with scenes of explicit violence, functional drama, and a lot of action.

The postures of Like a Dragon: Ishin

Regarding combat, Like a Dragon: Ishin’s gameplay includes four stances for unrestricted use and switching. Each has distinct abilities and is enabled for different enemies and situations. In addition, there will be a weight of adaptive difficulty, especially in the more advanced ones.

Swordsman and Gunman respectively use a sword and a pistol. The Wild Dancer leaves Ryōma with two swords, and Brawler limits combat to fists and grabs. They have particular dynamics of proximity, effect, damage, and effectiveness. Players can easily combine these.

Like a Dragon: Ishin

Mini-Games are back

Also, minigames are back and promise to offer more diversity and rewards. These activities include karaoke, card games, dancing, and other distractions that are spread across multiple zones. All are implemented to deepen the experience and have little impact on the core campaign.

It is worth remembering that iconic names from the Yakuza series return to the remake. One of the outstanding examples is Goro Majima. He is represented by a man named Okita Soji and presented in the game with a role that is a little different from the conventional and more friendly.

Like a Dragon: Ishin releases on February 21st for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.


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