Myst Mobile is reviving a 30-year-old game, coming soon on iOS

It’s time for old-school gamers to rejoice as Myst Mobile has been announced for iOS devices. For those unaware, Myst is a puzzle game franchise that started with the original Myst title in 1993. Now that the game will celebrate its 30 years anniversary, the developer has announced the mobile version of the famous game. Myst Mobile is inspired by the original 1993 game; of course in new packaging. This will not only be a great play for retro gamers, but also for players unfamiliar with the Myst franchise.

Myst Mobile is reviving a 30-year-old game, coming soon on iOS

So what is the game all about? Well, players will embark on their journey to explore the mysterious land of Myst island. Your journey will be quite chaotic as you unveil the secrets of dormant places called “Ages.” You will get to know about the game’s universe and storyline as you progress in the game. Moreover, the game will let you make your own decisions impacting the next stages of the game.

Myst Mobile: You need modern Apple devices to run the game

Myst Mobile is reviving a 30-year-old game, coming soon on iOS

Myst Mobile, even though is a port of a 30-year-old game, it still requires modern hardware. The game will be playable on the iPhone and iPad. All A12 bionic chip devices and above will be able to enjoy the game. While the developer has also done optimizations for the M1 and M2 chipsets to make the experience even better.

Jeff Lanctot, Marketing and Brand Manager at Cyan share his thoughts  on the announcement of Myst Mobile:

We wanted to do something special for Myst’s 30th anniversary. We can’t imagine a better time to make our game accessible to a whole new generation!

Lastly, Myst Mobile will have an in-app purchase of $14.99/£12.99 allowing you to explore Ages’ mysteries beyond Myst Island. We are not sure of the Android release, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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