Krafton CEO breaks silence on BGMI ban

The Indian mobile gaming community has been waiting for Krafton’s response after their popular game BGMI was banned in the country. BGMI had a rough beginning; things never worked out even after PUBG Mobile was rebranded to BGMI. Now, it’s time for the fans to rejoice as Krafton’s CEO has spoken about the BGMI return in India. Fans who have been waiting for their favorite battle royale game may finally get to play it once again.

India is a big market for BGMI. We have seen a lot of streamers emerging from the country thanks to the popularity of BGMI. There used to be e-sports events in the country as well. Hence, after BGMI was banned in India, the financial report for Krafton has been disappointing. The 2022 fourth-quarter revenue decreased up to 9.8% Quarter-on-Quarter and a 16.1% dip Year-over-Year on mobile platforms.

What Krafton CEO has to say about the BGMI ban?

bgmi ban

Since BGMI was one of the primary revenue streamers for the company, there has been a lot of work to bring back the game. Even though, when PUBG Mobile was rebranded to BGMI, certain new rules and regulations were adopted to have no issue from the Indian Government, however, it was not enough. Now, it seems like there has been more work done, as suggested by Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han himself:

We have put in a lot of effort in unbanning the game, and in 2023 we believe that the regional uncertainties will start to mitigate resulting in positive outcome.”

That being said, the company needs to revive the game as early as possible or else they are leaving a big market space for other developers. The absence of BGMI is giving a good advantage to other developers. Make sure to stick around to get the latest updates in the mobile gaming world.

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