Street Fighter: Duel enters the pre-registration stage

Street Fighter is bringing some spicy changes to the popular franchise in 2023. The franchise’s first RPG mobile game is called Street Fighter: Duel, and it will be launched on Android & iOS.  For now, interested players can pre-register for the game. The first stage opened pre-registration in limited regions with the support of English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. Now, even more, players can pre-register for the game residing in Europe, the Middle East, and many other non-English speaking regions.

At the core, the basics of the game are inspired by the original Street Fighter game. However, the developer has spiced up the experience with a role-playing element. It features a large roster of fighters that you will be familiar with already. You will be picking your favorite fighter, and growing with them as they level up. Mastering your character is your main goal in this game.

street fighter duel

Moreover, the game even brings back famous stages including the airport, bathhouse, night scene, etc. Street Fighter: Duel is also made specifically for mobile devices, hence expect an optimized and polished version of the game. The developer has given special importance to making sure the visual effects for mobile devices look good enough. It also features additional mechanics like auto combos and EX-Move.

Are you ready to play Street Fighter once again?

It is quite good news, especially for Street Fighter fans that their favorite franchise is getting a new title. The addition of a role-playing element will make the experience even better. Hopefully, the developer is able to keep the players engaged with regular updates. Interested players can pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel is available on Android and iOS. That being said, make sure to stick around for more mobile gaming updates.

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