Ultimate Sackboy is an endless runner, now available on Android & iOS

Endless runners are a great time pass. There are no complex controls, and a simple goal; beat your own high score. Well, that being said a new endless runner has arrived for mobile gamers, this one is called Ultimate Sackboy. The game has been developed and published by Exient, while it is also licensed under Sony. Hence, we expect high-quality gameplay. Below you can find all details regards this endless runner.

Ultimate Sackboy is an endless runner, now available on Android & iOS

Starting with the basics, the game has everything you would expect from an endless runner. You will be running across different maps while trying to beat your own high score. Ultimate Sackboy sees you dodging different hurdles through simple controls including swipes, dodges, and rolls. The good news is that it features multiple tracks which are quite important as one can get bored seeing the same background on repeat.

Endless runner with some spicy additions

Moreover, the developer has also managed to spice up the game with some features. Starting with a multiplayer experience, the game allows you to play against your friends. While with the addition of leaderboards. the game gets competitive. Furthermore, there is also a  tier-based challenge system that lets players unlock different tracks as they progress.

To keep players engaged, the developer has also added daily quests and weekly quests. Finally, there is also a highlighting feature in the game called powerups that will make the gameplay even better. In a nutshell, Ultimate Sackboy is an endless runner that has everything you will expect plus a few other additions. Those interested can enjoy the game via Google Play, and the Apple Stores. That being said, make sure to stick around so that you stay updated with all the latest mobile and console gaming news.

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