Atomic Heart: The Platinum trophy is almost impossible due to bugs

Trophy hunters will have a hard time getting platinum from Atomic Heart. According to reports (via Gamepur), numerous trophies are having progression issues. They are not properly tracking activities performed in the Action-RPG campaign.

In addition to being very challenging, the problems in Mundfish’s RPG bring more complications for those looking to do a 100% campaign. The new title has issues with eight trophies, including Testing Ground 10 missions, finishing in Hardcore mode, and speaking with the dead. Just imagine finishing the game in the Hardcore Mode just to not have your achievement correctly computed.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is also not scanning all robots for the “Scanner” trophy and is unable to account for the amount of Chriper. However, the most curious thing happens with the “Lord of War” trophy. It requires the creation of 14 weapons in a game with only 12 in total. Something is missing, right?

Since its launch, the Mundfish game has received numerous patches and hotfixes but seems to face new issues with each update. So far, the developers have not commented on Atomic Heart’s platinum status.

There are 42 trophies until the Platinum trophy

Those who are interested in the platinum trophy will have a hard task. Besides the bugs, there are up to 42 trophies that separate players from the Platinum. The game is also very challenging, and the “Hardcore” trophy makes things even harder. This is basically a “one-hit kill” trophy, in most cases, one hit from the enemy will cease your campaign.

Mindfish has more concerns than bugs on Atomic Heart

Right now, bugs and issues are not the only things plaguing the studio. The game is fearing a possible ban on the sales of Atomic Heart. The Ukrainian government is trying to push a ban that can be extended to the whole of Europe. There are allegations that the game’s revenue will be used to fund the Russian invasion of the country. Mindfish denies any involvement with the war.


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