The Caligula Effect: Overdose will get PS5 version this year

NIS America has announced a PS5 port of The Caligula Effect: Overdose. According to the publisher, the launch of the new version will take place in 2023. Right now, the game has PS4, Switch, and PC editions. There is no version for the Xbox, but this is not a surprise. JRPG studios tend to not announce games for the MS platform.

In the construction of the JRPG, the devs had Tadashi Satomi, a scenario writer for Persona 1 and 2. The narrative is set in Mobius, a virtual world where people go to forget their problems. There, an organization called the Go-Home Club fights to disconnect individuals from that universe.

This JRPG’s battle system is turn-based and offers a range of combat options. Check out the announcement video below:

On the PS Store, the game has the following description:

“School has resumed! The Caligula Effect: Overdose features improved visuals and gameplay, including new characters, new scenarios, new endings, and the mysterious ‘Forbidden Musician Route’! Play as a newly created female protagonist, develop and execute impeccable battle strategies with the Imaginary Chain, befriend and recruit over 500 students to her cause, or turn the tables and sabotage the Go-Home Club’s efforts to return to the real world!”

Caligula Effect

Worth noting, that the game is available for PS Plus Premium and Extra subscribers. If you have an active subscription, it’s possible to download and play the game. Worth noting that if you have a PS5, you’ll play the PS4 version via backward compatibility. There is no kind of improvement for the new console. Once the new version lands, then there will be improvements. However, we don’t know if the upcoming PS5 version will be part of the PS Plus deal.

For now, we can only wait and see how NIS America will distribute the upcoming port. Will it be a full-price release? Will it arrive for free for owners of the PS4 version? Only time will tell.

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