Dead Space 2 and 3? EA asks fans if they want more remakes

New research from Electronic Arts is questioning fan interest in future remakes of Dead Space 2 and 3. After the commercial and critical success of the next-gen game, the company hints at an intention to continue the survival horror franchise with the latest technologies.

The news was initially shared by Dillon Rogers, developer of Gloomwood, bringing screenshots with details of the publisher’s onslaught. Apparently, selected users are receiving emails to get feedback, but also with the proposal to plan the future of the series.

Check out the prints of the Dead Space survey below:

It is worth remembering that EA Motive may already be working on a remake of Dead Space 2. In the first title, documents found in Ishimura — exclusive to the New Game + mode — mention the Sprawl station. Fans of the series know that it is where the sequence takes place. However, we need to wait for further details. Worth noting, that CAPCOM’s successful journey with remakes can be a determinant factor for EA. The company’s remake drinks a lot from Resident Evil 2 Remake. After the success, we can expect more games to come.

Dead Space Remake is available for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

The updated patch fixes the progression issue

A quest lock issue found in Dead Space Chapter 5 has been fixed, following the release of a recent update. Furthermore, there are tweaks Dr. Kyne on the ship as well as general improvements to the asteroid dispatch system.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror video game released in 2011. The game is set three years after the events of the first game. It follows the story of protagonist Isaac Clarke as he attempts to survive a new outbreak of the deadly alien virus on a space station called the Sprawl.

Dead Space

The game begins with Isaac waking up in a mental institution on the Sprawl. He has been in a coma for the past three years. Also, he has no memory of what happened during that time.

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 came in 2013 and is the third installment of the series. The game happens several years after the events of Dead Space 2. It follows the story of protagonist Isaac Clarke as he travels to a frozen planet called Tau Volantis. He is the search of a way to stop the Necromorph threat once and for all.

Dead Space 3

The game begins with Isaac living in seclusion on a lunar colony. His past experiences with the alien monsters are still haunting his dreams. Ellie Langford, his former ally from the Sprawl appears at the start of the game. She informs him that her new team has gone missing on a mission to Tau Volantis. They believe that the planet has the key to ending this menace.

Worth noting that not all games in the franchise are considered a huge success by players. Therefore, we are curious to see if the remakes will be loyal to the plots or will adopt new things.


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