Deathloop sells overs 5 million copies across the world

Five million copies. This is the impressive number of sales of Deathloop, Arkane’s innovative FPS that was successful in 2021. The news was released on the game’s official Twitter profile. In addition to the number of sales, the page also released some curious game data. These include the main weapons and skills chosen by players with Colt and Julianna.

It is worth remembering that, in October last year, Sony released Deathloop as one of the novelties of the PS Plus Extra / Deluxe game catalog. The title arrived on the service as part of a series of games, alongside Assassin’s Creed Origins, Watch Dogs 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and others.

Deathloop Might Get DLC or Sequel Soon, Actors Suggest

Deathloop may receive more chapters in the future. It is not yet known whether a DLC or a sequel to the game, but the actors of Colt (Jason Kelley) and Julianna (Ozioma Akagha) revealed that they are under contract with the studio Arkane. As a result, they are still producing content involving the characters. We assume that they are motion-capturing new scenes for a future DLC or even a game sequel. Honestly, It’s hard to say it’s DLC. The game is about to complete two years, so any DLC needs to be announced really soon. It’s not common for studios to take so long to unveil DLCs.


The information was disclosed during participation by the duo on the Streamily channel, on YouTube. In the video, they talked about this mysterious new work involving the title. The two answered several questions, interacted with the chat, and distributed autographs on some marketing materials.

Deathloop was launched as a PS5 exclusive. The announcement of the game came a few months before Microsoft bought Bethesda. The new owner had to honor the old exclusivity contracts, which also involved Ghostwire: Tokyo another Bethesda title made by Tango Gameworks. Unlike Deathloop, Ghostwire did not have the same luck.


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