Disney Speedstorm: Developers promise graphics improvements

Disney Speedstorm will have graphical improvements. The game’s official blog revealed this in a new post. The developers are promising interesting visual evolutions at all times during the races. Before, during, and after them – like character victory animations.

Check out the main news cited by Gameloft:

  • AI-controlled cars will have different looks, not just the basics;
  • Podium animations will show the top three finishers at the same time;
  • The winner may use specific celebration moves;
  • There will be very cute skill boxes (reminiscent of Mario Kart);
  • Billboards with race information will be displayed at each lap;
  • Manual boost bar has been changed to be more visible.

Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm will launch in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Right now, there is no hint on the game’s release date. However, we can already tell this is a free-to-play experience. As a game-as-service, we can expect a lot of microtransactions, and new content arriving from time to time in order to keep players engaged.

Disney Speedstorm Will Have a Team System

Gameloft announced that Disney Speedstorm will feature a Teams system for players. It will be possible to equip up to four pilots in each group to improve their stats and gain advantages over their rivals.

Each group can have one 1-star character, two 3-star characters, and three 4-star characters, and the possibility of equipping a maximum of four 5-star characters. This must be managed by the player – remembering that the group will not exceed four members.

Disney Speedstorm

Of course, this is not the kind of game that some old fans of Disney Racing games were expecting. The most classic fans would certainly prefer something making an allusion to Mickey’s Speedway USA. After all, remakes have performed quite well, and we have references like Crash Team Racing. Instead, we’re getting a new game-as-service. Anyway, the game will feature classic characters such as Mickeys, Sully from Monsters Inc., Mulan, and even Captain Jack Sparrow.


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