Dead Space Remake was a dream that came true for developers

“I accepted right away.” Art director Mike Yazijian’s words are nearly unanimous among Motive employees who worked on the Dead Space remake. They are the highlight of the new post on the company’s official blog, the sixth in a series of publications about the backstage of the game.

An interesting detail is that the team that worked on the title came directly from Star Wars: Squadrons.

“The team was starting to finish the game and thinking about what the next project would be,” recalls Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme.

Patrick Klaus, general manager of Motive, then tapped Mike Yazijian, art director for the Montreal division of Dead Space 2, to lead the project. Then came Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director, and Philippe himself.

“A lot of people on our team came to Motive specifically to work on Dead Space because they were huge fans of the original game. This was a personal project for us. A game made by fans for fans,” Mike revealed.

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space and its unique blend

And why so much love for this game? Simple. In the view of the developers, Dead Space is a work like few others in the history of games.

“It’s a very unique mix of science fiction, zombie themes, and the kind of psychological horror you find in Lovecraft’s works. Typically, you’ll find a mixture of perhaps two of these elements. But the mix of all three, these very popular types of horror… that’s what’s unique about Dead Space,” commented Roman.

“From the graphics to the sound design to the gameplay, everything is so immersive that the world around you just disappears when you play. Nothing takes you away from the experience. It’s like you’re Isaac and you’re experiencing what’s happening to him,” added Philippe.

Theories Explain Dead Space Remake Alternate Ending

Achieving Dead Space’s alternate ending may not be a simple job, but its results are satisfying especially for the most curious fans. In addition to bringing new contours to Isaac’s story, it goes even deeper into Ishimura’s plot and hints at information about the future of the series. According to recent reports, EA may be planning to launch more remakes.


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