Among Us and Destiny 2 collide – the unexpected collab event

Have you ever imagined a crossover between Destiny 2 and Among Us? It does not seem to make much sense, after all, we have very distinct games. However, this is the latest collaboration event to reach the InnerSloth’s game. However, don’t worry, there aren’t massive changes – Among Us does not becomes an action-shooter. Apparently, the game will get a plethora of cosmetics that make allusion to Bungie’s game.

The company announced the partnership and revealed the Guardian Cosmicube. It’s a pack filled with cool items that make reference to the story of the guardians. On the company’s official website, the collab is described in the following way:

“This is our first collaboration of 2023 and begins with the Guardian Cosmicube. It’s available in our store for 3,500 Beans! The cube arrives full of cosmetic items allowing you to pursue the Impostor. You can also use the items to pet your animals as well as your overall tasks. Your guardians will perform these tasks with all the light and style of our friends at Bungie!”

Among Us

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2 and love to play Among Us, it may be a good opportunity to get some items from Bungie’s title. The Guardian Cosmicube will be available only until May 30, 2023. For some, this may sound like plenty of time, but at the same time, if you rest on this it will pass in a glimpse of eyes.

Among Us is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Android, iOS, and PC.

Among Us, new collab takes a ride on Destiny 2’s momentum

The new cosmetics arrive at the right time. After all, Destiny 2 is trending among players with the release of the latest “The Fall” DLC the last Tuesday’s 28. The expansion shows new gameplay features like the new filaments and a new Bow that adds new dynamics to the game.


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