Final Fantasy XVI is “absolutely insane” says the first previews

Final Fantasy XVI is set to come as the latest great title of Square-Enix in this legendary RPG series. In a surprising move, the media outlets started to share their previews for the upcoming AAA title. Some players had access to a short 45-60 minute portion of the game where they could experience some of the gameplay. This includes the battle mechanics and some of the cutscenes that will be present in the game.

Final Fantasy XVI was the focus of the latest PlayStation Access video, which shared its preview for the game. As per the presentations, the experience with the upcoming RPG is “insane”. To share this, the video has been split into six distinct sections. These sections share different viewpoints with exclusive scenes of Clive Rosfield, the main character in the upcoming FF series title.

Final Fantasy XVI is wonderful

As per Rosie, one of the presenters, seeing the beauty of the game is like “face a painting”. Talking about the “open world”, she explains that the directors’ decision not to make it a true open-world game was the right decision. After all, this allowed them to create stunning scenarios that will draw your attention at the first glance.

Final Fantasy XVI

The game will test the PS5 powers

As you may know, FFXVI will be an exclusive game. It is being built to extract the max of the latest PS console. For that reason, the game will bring two graphics modes – Fidelity and Performance. The studio also promises reduced loading times, and fancy features included on the DualSense.

The game’s story is enticing

Final Fantasy XVI promises to bring a very enticing story. The preview does a good job of keeping players engaged. It leaves us with a thirst for more. Worth noting that is one of the most mature Final Fantasy games ever made. The developers wanted to make a revenge history with a mature approach. So this probably will be a game that veterans of the saga will enjoy. The narrative is an important part, and for that reason, there are about 11 hours of cutscenes throughout the adventure.

Final Fantasy XVI

The story’s focus will be around the Dominants, the only ones capable of controlling the Eikons – that’s the name for the summons present in several games of the franchise. In this world, each kingdom has its own dominant that is capable of transforming into a massive and powerful creature. We will be capable of controlling Ifrit throughout the game.

The battle system is super satisfactory

Devil May Cry 5’s battle designer, Ryota Suzuki, has been working on the RPG title. For that reason, Rosie says that the battles are extremely “satisfactory”. The players will feel powerful, and even without difficult modes, they will be able to choose some perks to make it easier.

However, those who like to enjoy the game without changes will be able to select an option that is focused on action. Besides the original experience that is “more challenging”, other items and systems are being offered, like the Clive rings, for example, that will make the battles more interesting.

Eikon battles are insane

The battle scale raises to a whole new level when we enter the Eikon battle middle. It works like the battle between Megazords and Kaijus. When you control Ifrit, the movement is heavier, but the attacks take a lot more damage. Just like the regular battles, Square will mix some cinematic moves with Quick Time events.

Final Fantasy XVI

When performed correctly, you’ll execute perfect combos that will take more damage. Of course, signature abilities like Ifrit’s HellFire are present in the game.

The Soundtrack is fantastic

Just like every other game in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI won’t disappoint in the soundtrack. The game will offer an awesome soundtrack and we can already hear epic pieces of music during the preview. The goal is to deliver the right level of emotion at the right moment.


Final Fantasy XVI is a PS5 exclusive and promises to be the next big entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. The game will reach the console on 22 June 2023. For now, there is no word on a version for PC or Xbox.

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