50 Cent teases involvement with the GTA series

If there is a rapper that is known in the videogame world it is 50 Cent. Well, the rapper is one of the few that successfully released no one, but two video games. We can cite the classic 50 Cent: Bulletproof which arrived when he was at the peak of his carrier and was later followed by 50 Cent: Blood in the Sad. These games weren’t massive successes of critical, but they had their amount of fans. Some will certainly consider the 50 Cent: Bulletproof a cult classic. For that reason, seeing 50 Cent teasing involvement with Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise is something massive.

Grand Theft Auto is known for bringing certain rappers to its universe. Dr.Dre can easily thank the advertisement he got in The Contract mission. With the arrival of GTA 6 in the near future, we are curious to see if more rappers will join the video game universe. Apparently, that may exactly be the case. 50 Cent is something massive, and we can only assume he is talking about GTA 6. The upcoming Rockstar title is, right now, the most anticipated project in the video game industry. Back in the last year, several leaks emerged showing the game in its development process. Now, we expect an announcement that can happen sometime in 2023.

Will 50 Cent be starring in a GTA TV show?


However, maybe 50 Cent’s teaser is not related to GTA 6, but a new project for the franchise. To those unaware, 50 Cent has a growing television project. He may have struck an interesting deal with Rockstar. These days, with the advent of The Last of Us HBO show, game-based TV series are trending. Perhaps, Rockstar and 50 Cent struck a deal to bring the franchise to TV. The rapper took to Instagram to tease a potential collaboration surrounding Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Unfortunately, he did not go into details, but he said it would be bigger than his hit TV series, Power.


As you may expect, Rockstar did not go into details about this project. So right now, everything we have is a 50 Cent teaser. Are we about to see a TV show telling us the story of Vice City? Or perhaps, not exactly a game adaptation, but something set in the Vice City universe? According to reports, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 can be set in the Rockstar’s version of Miami. We would not be surprised to see Rockstar preparing a TV show now that the game’s announcement is nearing. That would be a great way to keep the franchise trending on multiple sources of entertainment.


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