Star Wars JEDI might be a trilogy of games

EA certainly has many reasons to praise its studio Respawn. The studio’s efforts to build a solid single-player experience with Star Wars JEDI basically revamped EA’s business. After a very profitable release, EA decided to focus more on this kind of game, rather than only pushing games full of in-app purchases. The studio behind Dead Space Remake had some experience with Star Wars JEDI. After the success of the first game, Respawn is now gearing up to launch Star Wars JEDI: Survivor, the second game of what might be a trilogy of games.

Cal Kestis’ story may need one more game after Star Wars JEDI: Survivor

Although we don’t know the end of Survivor, the game may not be the end for the Cal Kestis franchise. Stig Asmussen, the game’s director, says that he thinks of delivering Kestis’s story in three games. In an interview for IGN, Asmussen stated that a third entry for the series would be possible if the sequel proves to be another success. This kind of discussion has been going on between Respawn and Lucasfilm since the end of 2019. To those unaware, Star Wars JEDI: Fallen Order launched in November 2019.

“We were talking about the second game. I mean, frankly, we were talking about things beyond that. And those are conversations that, when we talked about this story with Lucasfilm, it was like, ‘Well, where are we going with the second game?’ I always wanted to see this as a trilogy.”

This third game would bring even bigger advancements in comparison to Survivor. The graphics would be much better thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5. Star Wars JEDI Survivor is being developed with Unreal Engine 4, but things will change in a third game.

About the plot, Asmussen seems to have it in his mind. As per him, there are some “ideas of what to do” after Survivor.

Star Wars Survivor will be launched on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Although it uses the same engine as its predecessor, the game brings massive improvements. The worlds are bigger, and there are multiple ways to traverse through the world. We will have to wait and see if the game will prove to be a success like its predecessor. With the right amount of sales, the last game will be granted.


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