Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Uncanny similarity between Terapagos & Paldea

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first DLC has been announced. It is named Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC and is divided into two parts. The first part is referred to as “The Teal Mask”, releasing in Fall 2023. While, the second one is ‘”The Indigo Disk”, releasing in the Winter of 2023. Interestingly both of them get new Legendary Pokemon. The Indigo Disk’s Legendary Terapagos seems a bit odd. There is an interesting take on this Pokemon that we will discuss below.

Terapagos is bigger than it looks like

Twitter user @Mootmonthly spotted a close connection between Terapagos and the Paldea region. The shared image got a lot of reach and thousands of like. Good eyes, I must say. Well, what’s the connection? Just look at the design of Terapagos and then Paldea; aren’t the designs exactly the same? It seems like Terapagos is the Paldea region itself. Both have the same shape, and even the center of both resonates with the Area Zero base.


This is quite an interesting take because this means that there is something more to Terapagos. Is the Pokemon the size of the island? Or is it the island itself? Well, time will tell us the truth. For now, we just know what it looks like and it is quite interesting.

Talking about the type, it is not been revealed yet. However, by the design we can it is a physic or water-type Pokemon. In my opinion, it has more chances to be a water type since Paldea is an island. If both of them really have a deeper connection, then water type is a safer bet.

That said, this is quite an interesting time for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as there is still a lot of mystery left to unveil. Hopefully, the story of the DLC does justice.


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