Uncharted Waters Origin is a seafaring RPG, now open for pre-registration

Have you ever dreamt of going on a sea adventure? Well, we all have at some stage in our lives. But since it is quite difficult to do in real life, you can always experience seafaring in video games. The latest game from LINE Games Corporation lets you the 16th century. In Uncharted Waters Origin, you will experience trades and combat. It is a game for those who love history as well as sea adventures. Although, let’s make it clear this is not from the Playstation-exclusive Uncharted series. Rather it is another franchise that has a history of over 30 years.

Uncharted Waters Origin is a seafaring RPG, now open for pre-registration

There are various games in the Uncharted Water franchise. The list includes including Uncharted Waters II: New Horizons and Uncharted Waters: Gaiden. Now with this game, the developer wants to take things to the next level. This modern game has crossplay compatibility. With this feature, you can play on different platforms without losing progress. The game will be available on major platforms including Android, iOS, PC, and Steam Deck. PC gamers will be able to enjoy the game via Steam and LINE Games’ PC launcher FLOOR. 

Experience the 16th century in Uncharted Waters Origin

The Seafaring Sandbox RPG embarks players on a journey taking place during the Age of Discovery in the 16th century. You will be trading goodies, fighting, and much more during the adventure. Talking about the graphics, there is no compromise. The developer has opted for 4K graphics by Unreal Engine 4. Moreover, there is also special attention to the soundtracks. There are 104 fully orchestrated soundtracks, including the original tracks by YoKo Kanno.

That said, the game is all set to go official on March 7th globally. Until then, you can pre-register for the game to receive in-game rewards such as ships and gears. Make sure to stick around for the latest gaming updates.


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