Valorant’s latest agent is Gekko, details revealed in official trailer

Finally, we have more information about the newest Valorant agent. A new trailer has been dropped that shows the look of the new agent Gekko. This character has a unique look. There is surely some vibe to him. Moreover, the agent is said to pack some amazing abilities. Thanks to the new trailer, we now have more information on how the new agent looks, plus it seems like Gekko is indeed related to Reyna.

Is Gekko Mexican?

Valorant's latest agent is Gekko, details revealed in official trailer

Harbor came out back in October last year. After that, players were highly interested in the next agent. Finally, the moment has come; more details on Gekko are revealed.

Earlier this week, we thought that Gekko is Mexican as the teasers showed some connection to Reyna. Well, it turns out the new character is true of Mexican-American heritage. He belongs to East Los Angeles, and hence his style reflects the American culture. He can be seen with his skateboards, playing basketball, and making reels. While, as far as Reyna is concerned, it seems like she is the mentor of Gekko. She is also the one who recruited this agent.

What to expect from the new agent?

Valorant's latest agent is Gekko, details revealed in official trailer

Unsurprisingly, Gekko is a Sentinel. What it means is that the agent has special abilities that help him get onto sites and take advantage. Moreover, this is not the only Sentinel we are getting this year. There is also one more planned for later this year.

Talking about the release date of Gekko, expect him to arrive in the game in Act 2 of Episode 6 begins on March 7, 2023.  The character will be released under patch 6.04. This agent will surely be the next main of many people, not only his looks but abilities seem to be quite unique. That said, make sure to stick around for more mobile and console gaming updates.


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