Kirby fans rejoice: New Kirby Cafe is bringing themed pastries

Are you a Kirby fan? Well, this news is just for you. Imagine finding yourself some Kirby-themed pastries and sweets, what can be better?  Well, now this will be a reality as the game franchise is now exploring the food industry. There are two new Kirby Cafe opening soon that will sell only Kirby-themed food. However, there is also bad news the cafes are limited to Japan only.

The pink protagonist was inactive for quite some time. Then, the developers finally revived the franchise. Now there are several Kirby titles that are available on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the franchise is getting even more attention these days due to Nintendo Switch Online. With this subscription, players have access to old Kirby games that came out for GBA.

Now, another good news for Kirby fans is that they can enjoy themed sweets and pastries. Since the franchise has huge popularity in its home country, the team decided to keep the cafes limited to Japan. Well, if you are from Japan then its a pretty sweet news for you. While others can add one more to-do whenever they get a chance to visit Japan.

Kirby Cafe PETIT: The ultimate spot for Kirby fans

kirby cafe petit

There are two new cafes coming to Japan. The cafe is named “Kirby Cafe PETIT” and you can find it in Tokyo and Osaka. Interested people can find the spot in Tokyo Station and Tennoji-Mio main building. Talking about the opening date, the Tokyo location will be available from April 13, 2023, while the Osaka spot opens on April 26, 2023.

You will find themed pastries and sweets in the cafe. You can also check out that one pastry is based on Kirby’s car form from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. While you can also find themed stars, clouds, pastel colorways, and the Waddle Dees.


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