Fans Left Speculating as 50 Cent Removes Vice City Posts from Social Media

Popular American rapper, 50 Cent stirred up the gaming community last week. Through his social media posts, he initially appeared to be teasing the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. However, much to the disappointment of eager fans, the 50 Cent removed Vice City Posts.

In these posts, 50 Cent was hinting at something “bigger than Power”. This claim came along with the iconic logo of the popular Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. While this turn of events may have left gamers disheartened, it only adds to the mystery. Now, there is even more anticipation around the release of this highly-anticipated game.

To trace all this chaos, we have to go a week back when 50 Cent took to his Twitter page on March 2, 2023. He posted a curious snapshot of GTA Vice City. His caption, which hinted at a reveal, brought GTA fans excitement.

The rapper teased that this upcoming project would surpass the success of his crime drama television series, Power. The popular show has an active amount of viewers across the Starz Network. The teaser campaign did not end here. The rapper later shared another post on Twitter. It came featuring the same image and caption. As you may expect, diehard GTA was left eager for more. You can also see 50 Cent’s deleted Twitter post below.

Fans Left Speculating as 50 Cent Removes Vice City Posts from Online Platforms
50 Cent’s deleted Twitter Post

50 Cent Removes Vice City Posts: Speculation Arises Over Riot Games’ Involvement

The deletion of GTA 6 posts by 50 Cent has caused a stir among fans. It led to multiple speculations and conspiracy theories. Some suggest that Rockstar Games may have intervened. The studio probably requested the removal of the posts. Perhaps, it wants to avoid any potential leaks or spoilers prior to the official release.

Others believe that 50 Cent’s posts were part of a strategic marketing campaign. Some believe he has a personal project and that the deletion of the posts was part of the plan. Either way, the situation left fans wondering about the truth in these deleted posts.

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Source: NME

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