Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Next update to make the game playable again

After a long time, a Pokemon title arrived that I couldn’t resist playing. Of course, I am talking about the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, they are not perfect. The games suffer from performance issues. My Koraidon changing colors really caused me headaches. Either the game is not optimized enough for the console due to the rushing nature of GameFreak or Switch is just old enough. Well, whatever the reason is the developer is doing its best to provide new patch updates for the games. The aim of these updates is to fix as many bugs and glitches as possible so players can have a good experience. Now, it’s time for yet another update scheduled for April. It will be fixing the bugs that appeared after the update 1.2.0.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Next update to make the game playable again

Update 1.2.0 made the players question to whether resume playing or not

The update 1.2.0 has been a nightmare for some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. This update has brought a bug that can corrupt game save data. Many players are now confused about whether they should continue playing the game or wait for the next update. Well, according to Serbii, the next update of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is scheduled for late April. This update should solve the bug of game save data corruption.

Were Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not polished enough?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Next update to make the game playable again

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first ever complete open-world Pokemon games. Hence, it makes sense that the game is not perfect. Also, one thing that I don’t understand is why the developer rushed to release two games in a single year. In 2022, we first got Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and months later the new games were released. Maybe if the developer took their time to polish the game, it would have got even more successful. Anyways, it’s good that we are getting more updates that will surely enhance the experience. Also, by polishing the game, the DLC will have a better welcome.


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