PlayStation 5 Slim will disappoint you, here is the real reason

PlayStation fans are eagerly waiting for the next version of PS5. We expect a PS5 Pro and a PS5 Slim like the previous generation. The Pro version is clearly a more expensive and powerful option. While the Slim version is usually just a refined version of the existing PlayStation. Well, we really expect a “refined” experience with the Slim version, however, the leaks suggest that this time we may get disappointed. There are two main reasons behind PlayStation 5 Slim being a disappointment.

No major hardware improvements

PlayStation 5 Slim will disappoint you, here is the real reason

When PS5 came out, the chip market condition was terrible. There was a shortage, and it’s likely that Sony suffered to put in the best on their console. Now that the market is back to normal, why don’t we get a bit of improvement over the existing console? Sure, the Pro version will bring hardware advancements but at least the Slim model can get a bit of improvement. Even after years, the console getting no hardware enhancements doesn’t make sense.

The PlayStation 5 Slim Disc drive is not compatible with the current digital version

Earlier leaks suggested that the next version of PlayStation 5, or PS5 Slim will have a modular design. It will have a detachable disc drive which could be connected to the console via the USB-C port. The exciting part is that the detachable disc drive would reportedly not ruin the aesthetics of the console. After this leak, the owners of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition were thrilled. They were excited to attach the detachable disc drive to their digital PS5.

However, all of their excitement is turned into disappointment. According to Tom Henderson, the PS5 Digital Edition will not support the Disc Drive. This is the biggest shock, something fans were not even thinking about. Well, Sony could have made the disc drive compatible with the older version of PS5 but it seems like the company wants to limit this “feature” to the new edition only.


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