MultiVersus gets new update patch, but players are upset

Warner Bros surprised the gaming world with the arrival of MultiVersus. Apparently, the memes about Shaggy on Mortal Kombat 11 have made some buzz at the company’s offices. After all, last year, it announced a very interesting brawler featuring the weirdest combination of fighters. We have a lot of distinct characters that are part of the WB list of IPs. We have Shaggy, Superman (DC), Batman (DC), Wonder Woman, Tom&Jerry, Marvin, Rick, Morty, and even Lebron James (special guest). The game arrived with acclaim and was considered fun by players. However, after the buzz, it seems that not everyone is happy with the amount of content being offered.


Today, a new patch is reaching MultiVersus. It comes one month after the last patch and is considerably smaller than other patches that have reached the game. The new update catch seems to focus on fixing bugs and some issues. Apparently, it does not make changes to the game’s balance. For that reason, despite the update, it seems that fans are rowdy about the lack of content updates. MultiVersus promised to be a “mess” of fighters, but they’re not being added on at a fast pace.

Players are upset with the content on MultiVersus, or the lack of it

To put things in perspective, the last character was Marvin the Martian. He arrived on November 15, 2002! Four months have passed and no other character has joined the roaster. We have to agree that this is bad for a game that wants to keep players engaged. The diversity of fighters is one of the main bets of MultiVersus. Leaving it stuck with the same roaster for months, is the best way to leave players unhappy.


When it comes to the pack, it seems to make some adjustments in the strength of some characters. The Iron Giant’s hitboxes have been adjusted so that they don’t spawn below it. This will make it more difficult to land in certain scenarios. This is a significant change for a patch that says to be focused on bug fixing. Taz also got some improvements, the knockback influence on the first hit of his ground-up attack has been reduced. That sounds like a nerf, but it’s much better when you try to build up a combo. For a complete overview with details, you can check the notes below:

General fixes for MultiVersus

  • Controllers: Improved an issue when using the right stick on controllers where characters would turn around unprompted when attacking. “We are monitoring this improvement and welcome feedback on it.”

Iron Giant

  • General: Fixed an issue where Iron Giant’s hitboxes would spawn below him on some attacks.


  •  Air Down Attack: Fixed a bug where Garnet couldn’t properly combo out of her air down attack if she hit someone while on the ground.


  • General: Fixed an issue with LeBron’s stat tracker badge on the mastery track.


  • Air/Ground Up Special: Fixed a bug where Superman could turn Marvin’s spaceship into an ice block with his ice breath.
  • Air/Ground Down Special: Fixed a bug where Marvin could plant his flag on his spaceship and it would persist after his spaceship expired.


  • Air/Ground Down Special:  Fixed a bug where Morty wouldn’t move all the way to his own special marker if it was overlapping with a fighter.  Fixed bug where if Morty warped back to a position a fighter was in he would teleport to the middle of the map.


  • General: Superman can no longer freeze Marvin’s ship.


  • Ground Up Attack: Increased the vacuum strength and reduced the knockback influence on the first hit of Taz’s sandwich attack in order to improve the consistency of its ability to combo into the second hit of the attack.

Wonder Woman

  • General: Fixed an issue with Wonder Woman’s stat tracker badge on the mastery track.

Is there hope for MultiVersus?

Time will tell if WB Games will improve things for MultiVersus with more fighters. If that does not happen soon, it’s just a matter of time until players decided to leave the game for anything else with “live content”.

Source: EventHubs
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