Resident Evil 4: How to get the Secret TMP in the demo

As promised, CAPCOM finally unleashed the Resident Evil 4 remake demo for players. The “Chainsaw Demo” comes to give players a small taste of everything they will find in the final game. Maybe, not everything, but it’s pretty easy to get into the graphics and gameplay systems through the demo. In fact, it seems that we are also able to experiment with more weapons than usual in this demo. With the demo out for almost a week, players already found a couple of secrets in it. They probably are not really “secrets” but were left out of sight for the most distracted players. One involves a special weapon that can be found in this demo (via).

Old-time fans of Resident Evil 4 probably remember the “TMP”. It was one of the first weapons available for Leon in his venture through the European village. However, the only way to acquire it was to buy it from the first merchant. The “TMP” is an interesting weapon since it’s pretty easy to give a lot of shots without interruptions. It’s useful in the demo to defeat, or at least, to push the hordes of Gannados in the first village. Through this article, we’ll teach how to find this weapon in the demo.

We assume that the TMP will not be available at this location in the final game. It probably is there just to allow the most curious players to find a useful item to clear the demo. So without further ado, let’s see how to get this interesting and fun weapon!

How to get the TMP in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo

There is no special trick to enable the TMP, it’s pretty easy to get it. First of all, start the demo up like normal. Then head to the lodge, go through all the cutscenes, and pass the first enemy encounter. After that, when you’re going to take the stairs up and out, open the case. This is important: DROP EVERYTHING.

This probably will bring a concern to inexperienced players, but it’s the cost to get this fun weapon. You’ll need to leave your inventory empty, and not pick up anything until the village. Keep the case empty, and once at the village, try to not call much attention. Scramble from the back-left corner. Normally, the well back here is closed off, but it will be open now. Head down the ladder and open the chest inside for the TMP. Break the nearby barrels to grab some ammo. After that, congratulations! You now have the TMP.

The TMP can ease things for you in your venture through the hordes of Ganados in the village. Once you leave the well, you will probably be attacked by a myriad of ganados. You can try to put them away with your new weapon, run to the house, watch the cutscene, and grab the Shotgun. Having both the Shotgun and TMP is one of the best ways to beat Dr.Salvador. However, even if you fail and die here, there is some good news.

The TMP is unlocked for every new playthrough

Once you grab the TMP here, it will persist for new playthroughs. So if you boot up a new playthrough after this run ended, the TMP will be in your inventory along with the Handgun. Once you reach the village and grab the Shotgun, you’ll have a pretty good arsenal to defeat Dr.Salvador.

Resident Evil 4

It’s really interesting to see this nice addition to the Demo. Capcom is well known for adding cool secrets in the Resident Evil demos. This one is getting a certain level of attention, after all, Resident Evil 4 can be considered a cult classic in the franchise. The game received numerous ports, and even has one version for VR.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will return to glory on March 24. The game will reach PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on March 24.

Source: Destructoid

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