Steam Deck OLED will not come anytime soon

The Steam Deck arrived as a great surprise for many PC players. While some speculated for years, about Valve’s entrance into the segment of consoles, most of them never expected the company to launch a portable. Apparently, seeing the success of handheld consoles like the Switch, Valve decided to innovate with the Steam Deck. It’s a handheld console capable of running a lot of AAA games from Steam without any hassle. The console has a decent set of specifications, but some agree that it could have a better display. Apparently, an upgrade in this regard won’t come anytime soon.

According to a new report, it seems that Valve is not concerned with upgrading the LCD display of the Steam Deck. Despite the rumors about a new Steam Deck model with an OLED display, this does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

It’s not so simple to put an OLED display on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck designer Pierr-Loup Griffais gave some sad news to those waiting for an OLED model. In an interview with PC Gamer, he explained that it won’t be possible in nthe near future. According to him, the screen is at the core of the device. Putting in an OLED screen to replace the Steam Deck’s LCD screen is not so simple. All the components are there around each other for a device that is so small.  He did not discard an OLED model in the future. He only says that it is not coming anytime soon. So don’t hold your breath for it.

Steam Deck

The handheld console from Valve completed its first anniversary at the end of February. The console achieved good results in the tests conducted by Digital Foundry’s experts. Of course, the Steam Deck will not offer the same level of performance as a high-end PC. However, it’s impressive to see how capable it is to run AAA games at moderate settings. You can have a performance similar to the past-gen consoles without many issues. Besides the Steam Games, there are also a lot of other possibilities for the Steam Deck. It is also capable of running some Cloud-based gaming services like the GamePass.

The console is here to stay, and we expect Deck 2 to come at the right time. Will it have an OLED display? Time will tell. We expect a new model to come in a few years, to offer a similar performance to the current-gen consoles like the PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Eurogamer

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