Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield from Resident Evil are Arriving in Fortnite

Fortnite announced an epic crossover with the iconic horror franchise Resident evil. This crossover will bring Resident evil protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The “Raccoon City Survivors” set now includes both characters.

This is not the first time when Fortnite announced a crossover with Resident evil. In its previous collaboration, Fornite featured legendary Resident Evil characters, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Interestingly, Leon has not been seen in his iconic jacket as we used to since Resident Evil 4.  Fortnite has always been known for its epic crossovers.

How much will the Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield cosmetics cost?

Fortnite Leon S. Kennedy Outfit and Accessory Items

Talking about cosmetics, there is a bundle of skins (outfits) for characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The skins come with cool things like a combat knife for Leon and a glider with an Umbrella Corporation design. The characters will look like they do in their famous outfits from Resident Evil. Each skin costs 1500 V-bucks, but there might be discounts available.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield made their debut in the survival horror video game “Resident Evil 2”. It was initially released in 1998. The game takes place during a zombie apocalypse in Raccoon City. Both characters play important roles in the story.

It is interesting to notice that we are witnessing this crossover just before the Resident Evil 4 remake. The game is set to launch on March 24. This makes it an interesting collaboration. There might be chances that we can get more such crossovers just before the game’s official reveal.

Fortnite likes to team up with other popular things, like movies or games, to bring in new players and keep the game fun. One of their recent team-ups was with a show called Attack on Titan. They added new things to the game like special clothes, dance moves, and even skins for the main character, Eren Yeager. These crossovers can help you come up with new ways to play the game, and they’re a way for Fortnite to keep things interesting for players. We can expect more of these collaborations in the future because there are lots of exciting movies and shows coming out in 2023.

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Source: Eurogamer

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