Persona 5: The Phantom X Announced for PC and Mobile Platforms

Developer black wings have revealed a new spin-off titled Persona 5: The Phantom X. It will be published in association with Chinese game publisher Perfect World Games. It will be free to play and Set to launch as a free game for PC and mobile platforms.

According to NME, fans of Persona 5 will notice several similarities in this spin-off. Several aspects of the game will look familiar like the original. It was revealed that various locations from the 2016 game such as Shibuya, the batting cages, and Mementos will make a return. The first gameplay trailer also shows the protagonist attending school, managing their social life, and fighting Shadow monsters in Tokyo’s metaverse realm.

You can watch the trailer below:

Although, the info in this video is in Chinese the captions can be easily converted into English. This will help fans to get a clear understanding of the main or side characters. Apart from the introductory trailer, there is also a gameplay trailer giving better insights.

As noticed by, Some characters from Persona 5 will be appearing in the upcoming game. It will include the recurring character Igor. He will have a new Velvet Room design based on an aquarium and a new assistant instead of the twins from Persona 5. Iwai, the owner of a model gun shop, will also be returning to provide weapons and armor to the thieves.

Right now, it is unclear whether Takemi(the doctor) will be making a return. One of the main surprises is that the protagonist from Persona 5, Joker, will be appear at the end of the game’s trailer.

When we can Expect Persona 5: The Phantom X?

Persona 5: The Phantom X. Credit: Sega.

Phantom of the Night is currently being developed and the first beta test is scheduled for March 29th. However, it is uncertain whether fans outside of China will have access to the game during the beta test. The game’s developers, Atlus, have not yet announced any plans. So, the Beta test may or may not be available worldwide. It is hoped that they will consider making the game more widely available in the future.

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Source: Gamerant


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