Starfield In Australia – Age Limits Now Applied

There is a huge hype around Starfield. If there was before Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft, this hype gained more strength after the deal. After all, it was announced as an exclusive game for Xbox platforms. Exclusive when we look at video games, of course, as the game will still reach PC and should also be available for devices that support Game Pass. Anyway, Starfield is the game that has the potential to make the Xbox Series more relevant. If Nintendo is there to prove something, is that exclusive games have the potential to sell consoles. Apart from the hype around the Xbox, there is also hype around all the promises that the developers have made.

Starfield promises to be a massive game with almost infinite possibilities and content. In this game, you’ll be basically on a space odyssey. You’ll be able to visit a large number of worlds, each with unique traits, designs, and characteristics. There are also multiple quests, distinct scenarios, and more. Of course, we are yet to see all these promises into friction. So far, we have seen a couple of teasers about the game. But nothing has been consistent enough to show us that the game is really close to release. There are rumors about a future keynote where Bethesda will cover a lot of the details for its upcoming game. While it does not come, Starfield is stealing the headlines for another reason.


Starfield will be age-restricted in Australia, but this is not a big surprise

As per a new report, it seems that Starfield will be age-restricted in Australia. The upcoming RPG game was classified in the country and won’t be available for all ages. As per the report, the decision is primarily due to interactive drug use, as well as the strong impact of violence and some nudity. Obviously, we have no idea of how these elements are placed into the narrative. But we know that they may have to do with the upcoming possibilities in Starfield that promise to make it “alive”.


Worth noting that the Australian Classification Board is known for its low tolerance. When it comes to drug use, it is particularly tough. The likes of Disco Elysium, DayZ, and RimWorld were all initially banned from sale in Australia. All these games had themes of drug use. This is not a first for Bethesda as well. The company saw its Fallout 3 banned from Australia all the way back to 2008. The company had to reduce the incentive for drug use in the game in order to comply with Australian rules.

The use of drugs is not a new thing for Bethesda games. To recall, the fictional Jet occurs frequently in the Fallout series. In a game that tries to expand Bethesda’s approach to RPGs, this probably will not be an exception. Starfield will have multiple worlds, and we assume there will be a multicultural environment. Also, considering its futuristic approach, it will likely include drug use here and there.

There will also be some nudity in the game

As for nudity, we don’t expect anything massive in this regard. Not on the same level as CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher or Cyberpunk series, where you can basically make sex with characters. Despite the nudity in the regulation, the game is confirmed to not have any sex. So don’t expect intimate relationships like these that we also see in games from the Mass Effect series. It will still be possible to build relationships with some characters in-game.

Starfield was planned for the last year, but the game was delayed to September 6th. Honestly, we don’t know if it will be ready by that date. If that is the case, then Bethesda is really going for an approach without much buzz. Anyway, the company is expected to hold a showcase on June 11th. That showcase should bring more details about the game, and probably will raise the hype even further.


Source/Via: GameInfinitus

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